With the ELIS/LIMS API, you can create custom applications that interact with your ELIS/LIMS data. You can use the API to access and update your laboratory information, such as samples, projects, protocols, etc. The API is compatible with any programming language that supports RESTful web services. ELIS/LIMS API is included in all ELIS/LIMS versions for FREE. You can also find more examples and documentation in the Knowledge base.

How to import data from instruments?

Integrate your laboratory instruments with your ELIS/LIMS system. By using the ELIS-IS module, you can automatically send data from your instruments to ELIS/LIMS. This way, you can avoid manual data entry and ensure data accuracy and consistency. To learn how to configure and use the ELIS-IS module, please refer to the Knowledge base.

Extensible to new instruments

We can configure Instrument Connect to connect to new instruments that have not been integrated yet.

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