Complete Solution

  • Cloud Based SaaS Solution
  • Powerful dashboard for all levels of Users
  • Unlimited number of Users
  • Management Suite, Sophisticated Business Intelligence
  • Live stats, logs and graphs for all sample activity
  • Intuitive design minimizes training, expedites learning curve
  • Secure Access, HIPAA Compliant
  • Complete Administrative visibility into all aspects of all samples as well as the entire lab business


  • Rule generated reports with internal and/or external instrument interfaces
  • Infinitely customizable combination(s) of tests and panels
  • Customizable reports, headers, footers, logos for each lab, each clinic or each provider
  • No reporting middleware required
  • Unlimited number of patient, clinic, provider and/or customer accounts
  • Customizable, precise rule creation for resulting, cutoffs and alerts
  • Automated test resulting & uploading
  • Secure Reporting, HIPAA Compliant

Statistics, Metrics and Business Intelligence

  • Live, real time visibility into all elements of lab business
  • Automated sample tracking, end to end
  • Lab productivity metrics
  • Inventory Management & Intelligence

Orders & Accessioning

  • Intuitive wizard for fast & efficient accessioning
  • Accessioning can be performed (i) onsite (ii) in the field or (iii) a mix of both
  • Unlimited preloading of tests and panels
  • Barcoded labels with automated sample tracking
  • Customizable Work Flow

Instrumentation, Integration and Interfacing

  • Fast & efficient instrument integration
  • Interfaces directly with all lab instruments requiring no 3rd party software
  • Multiple external and reference lab Integrations
  • Rapid Deployment, 3-5 business days in most cases
  • Fast & Efficient Integration with Billing Platform(s)
  • Fast & Efficient Integration with Sales Platform(s)
  • Fast & Efficient Integration with EHR(s)

Sales Portal

  • Unlimited number of Sales Reps, Sales Accounts, Sales Hierarchies
  • Live, real time activity data and revenue data
  • Intuitive, customizable reporting layout
  • Robust UI with up to date sales information with graphics, charts

Ownership & Administrative Advantages Summary

  • Scalable, adjusts to your size of business needs
  • Cost Effective
  • Rapid Deployment, get your lab running in less than a week in most cases
  • Intuitive design, easy to learn

ELIS LIS/LIMS Testing Capabilities/Modalities

qPCR (including Covid-19 and other molecular testing)


Toxicology (LCMS, GCMS)