Instrument Connect

Have an in-grown LIS but no connectivity to your instruments? We offer a product which bridges to your instruments directly to APIs that could be configured in your in-house product.

50+ connections built-in

Over 50 plug-and-play integrations with instruments.

Extensible to new instruments

We can configure Instrument Connect to connect to new instruments that have not been integrated yet.


Seamless Connectivity

Instrument Connect ensures hassle-free connections between your lab instruments and computer or network. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and focus on what truly matters—your research.

Data Security

We take your data security seriously. Instrument Connect features top-notch encryption and security protocols, providing peace of mind that your valuable data is protected.

Universal Compatibility

Whether you work with spectrometers, chromatographs, or any other lab equipment, Instrument Connect offers universal compatibility, making it a versatile solution for all your connectivity needs.

Scalable for Any Lab

Whether you're in a small research team or a large-scale laboratory, Instrument Connect is designed to adapt to your needs. It grows with your lab.

20 M+
Orders Processed
50 +
Instrument Interfaces
100 +
70 +
API Integrations
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