Big Rock Technology Group

We at Big Rock Technology Group stands at the forefront of the global e-health industry, specializing in software solutions tailored to enhance medical and administrative processes across various healthcare settings, including doctors' offices, pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals, and social welfare institutions. Our comprehensive information services cater to all stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem, while our web-based personal health records system promotes increased safety and efficiency in healthcare delivery.

Our Mission

As a trusted leader in healthcare IT, we are dedicated to facilitating optimal medical care and laboratory testing outcomes for all.

Our Vision

To automate the medical workflow as far as possible, accelerating the analysis, precision, and delivery of the results. Time is critical when saving lives.

No one should endure unnecessary suffering or loss of life due to the delay or absence of critical medical information at any point in time.
Over 10 years experience

We empower healthcare providers to deliver optimal treatment efficiently and cost-effectively by delivering timely and accessible medical and administrative data. With an extensive customer base and years of industry experience, we are the catalyst for enhanced collaboration and more efficient patient care.

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